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Lotte Hotel World
Arrival of delegates, speakers and guests
Registration and check-in
09:00 –12:00 TAFISA Board Meeting
13:00 –15:00 Regional Meetings
– Asia/Oceania
15:00 –17:00 Regional Meetings
– Europe
19:00 –21:00 Informal Opening
Dinner included

Lotte Hotel World
10:00 –11:30 Opening Ceremony
Moderator: Do-Kyun Kim, Hyoju Oh

Welcome Words
Words by Prof. Ju-Ho Chang, TAFISA President
Words by Dai Soon Lee, OC Chair
Words by Park Won-Soon, Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City

Greeting Messages
Sam Ramsamy, IOC
Lee Kee-heung, Korean Sports Olympic Committee
Uri Schaefer, ICSSPEJürgen Palm Award Ceremony

Keynote Speech 1
“Women’s Access to Sport for All – a Human Righ
Ruth Maphorisa, Chairwoman, IWG on Women in Sport, Botswana

Keynote Speech 2
“New Strategies in Public Health Promotion Through Physical Activity”
Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer, Grönemeyer Institute, Germany

11:30 –12:00 Break/Poster Opening
12:00 –13:00 Symposium Session I – “Active World 2030
Moderator: Gaëtan Garcia, TAFISA, FranceIntroducing the Congress Theme
“Active World 2030 – Defining a New Horizon
Catherine Forde, Vice-President, TAFISA, Trinidad & TobagoKeynote Speech 3
“A Life Powered by Sport for All” – Sam Ramsamy, South AfricaWords by Congress Rapporteur
Jacqueline Kronenburg, Knowledge Centre for Sport, Netherlands

Theme Panel – “Mission 2030: For a Better World Through Sport for All”

  • IOC – Sam Ramsamy, Chairman, Sport and Active Society Commission, South Africa
  • TAFISA – Wolfgang Baumann, Secretary General, Germany
  • International Working Group on Women and Sport – Ruth Maphorisa, Chairwoman, Botswana
  • ICSSPE – Uri Schaefer, President, Israel
  • Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer, Germany
13:00 –14:00 Lunch
14:00 –15:30 Language Tables
Moderator: Bae Schilling, TAFISA, AustraliaSpeakers:

  • Matthew Geschke, Nike/Designed To Move, USA
  • Paulo Henrique Vilela, SESC Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Malgorzata Szukalska-Wrona, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Poland
  • Finn Berggren, Gerlev Sports Academy, Denmark
15:30 –15:50 TAFISA General Assembly Registration
16:00 –19:00 TAFISA General Assembly
19:00 –22:00 Welcome Reception
Including dinner & Cultural Performances – Lotte Hotel World
Moderator: Ahn Jueun

Seoul Olympic Parktel
09:00 –10:30 Symposium Session II – “Active World 2030”
House of Commons Debate
Moderator: Peter Barendse, Knowledge Centre for Sport, NetherlandsKeynote Speakers:

  • Wendy Gillett, Bluearth Foundation, Australia
  • John Marsden, City of Liverpool, UK
  • Dr Wanshik Hong, Advisor, Korea
10:30 –11:00


11:00 –12:30


“The Yin-Yang of Sports – Grassroots and Elite”
Moderator: Leonard Thadeo, Sport Ministry, Tanzania

“Shuttle Time: the Case of an International Federation’s Grassroots Programme”
John Shearer,  Badminton World Federation,

Case Studies
“How to Make the World Active  – Based on the Case of Hangung”
Dowon Heo, World Han-gung Association, Korea

“Democratizing Access to Winter Sports in Togo”
Hyacinthe Edorh, Ski Federation, Togo

“Sport for All Legacy – from Beijing 2008 to Beijing 2022”
Liu Guoyong, All China Sport Federation, China

“Sport for All and Elite Sports: the Cyprus Example”
Efi Mouzourou, Cyprus Sport Organization, Cyprus


“Building Strong and Good Governance”
Moderator: Attila Czene, Leisure Sport Federation, Hungary

“Good Governance Principles in Sports”
Sylvia Schenk, Transparency International, Germany

Case Studies
“Success of Post-Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games and Good Governance”
Jinkyung Park, Catholic Gwandong University, Korea

“Good Governance Perspectives of the Botswanan National Sports Council”
Solly Reikeletseng, National Sports Council, Botswana

“Governing Grassroots and Elite Sports: the Slovenian Strategy”
Janez Sodržnik, NOC, Slovenia

“New SCforH Dimension: Sports Promotion through Health”
Jorma Savola, NOC, Finland


“Next Generation = Active Generation”
Moderator: Herzel Hagay, Israel Sport for All Federation, Israel

“The Digital Sports and Games Dictionary”
Michael Leyendecker, DJK, Germany

Case Studies
“Relationships among Flow, Happiness, Intention to Continued Participation for Tennis Club Participants”
Se-Hyuk Park, Seoul National University of Science and Technology,  Korea

“Sport for All and Quality of Life – The Malaysian Policies and Approaches”
Sarjit Singh Sekhon, MASFA –
Malaysian Sport for All Council, Malaysia

“The Sport for All Movement in Bulgaria”
Daniela Dasheva, Bulgarian Sport for All Association, Bulgaria

“Keep Youngsters Involved”
Ingrid Martel, TAFISA, Germany

“UNESCO and Ikkaido Inclusivize! – A Model for Inclusion”
Ray Sweeney, Ikkaido, UK

12:30 –14:00  Lunch
14:00 –15:30 TAFISA Workshop

“TAFISA, Sustainability and Human Rights” – Sylvia Schenk, Transparency International, Germany

 “The Active Well-being Initiative” – Supported by IOC – Sarah Van Ballenkom, IOC, John Marsden, City of Liverpool, UK & Gabriel Messmer, Evaleo, Switzerland

“Promotion of Traditional Sports and Games” – Supported by EU – Jean-Francois Laurent, TAFISA, France

“TAFISA Sport for All Games”

  • Indonesia 2016, Hayono Isman, FORMI, Indonesia
  • Leeuwarden 2018, Anne Jochum de Vries, Sport Fryslan, Netherlands
  • Portugal 2020, Vitor Pataco, IPDJ, Portugal

Moderator: Bae Schilling, TAFISA, Australia

15:30–16:00 Break
16:00–17:30 PARALLEL SESSION 4:
“Building the Member Network”
Moderator: Mitra Rouhi, Sport for All Federation, IranImpulse
“Engaging the Lusophone Sport for All Community”
Vitor Pataco, Institute of Youth and Sport, PortugalCase Studies
“The Power of Marketing and International Solidarity”
Sok-Rok Song, Kyungdong University, Korea“Bringing Martial Arts Organisations Together: the Russian Model”
Ramil Gabbasov, RUMA, Russia“Mothers League- Get Mothers Active!” and influence the families”
Ofra Abramovich, Mamanet, Israel“Developing a National Sport for All Movement – The Case of TAFISA Japan”
Tomohiko Yoshida, Sasakawa Sports Foundation, Japan“Fit for the life ! Thanks to the gift of life donor”
Won-Hyun Cho, World Transplant Games
Federation, Korea

“Making Sport for All “Sexy”
Moderator: Yasuo Yamaguchi, Kobe University, Japan

“Waves of change in sport: don’t sit on a raft, but learn to surf!”
Jacqueline Kronenburg, KCsport, Netherlands

Case Studies
“Sport for All, Sport for People with Disabilities”
May Kim, Korea University, Korea

“The Role of Brainding in Making Sport for All Sexy”
Alex Jovanovic, Rightcolours, Germany

“Shifting the Discourse of Sport for All: the Case of Turkish Sport for All Federation”
Mutlu Turkmen, Sport for All Federation, Turkey

The Attraction Challenge – Current questions of Sport for All promotion
Robert Benyhe, HLSA, Hungary

“The European Week of Sport”
Agata Dziarnowska, European Commission, Poland


“Peace and Collaboration”
Moderator: Wolfgang Baumann, TAFISA, Germany

“The Power of Sport
Uri Schaefer, ICSSPE, Israel

Case Studies
“Thawing frosty relations between the Koreas through the PyeongChang 2018”
Howon Jeong, Kyungpook National University, Korea

“Children’s Games: Beyond Fun and Fitness – Towards Healing and Peace-Building”
Henry Daut, Mindanao State University, Philippines

“International Exchange, Cooperation & Peace through Sport: Japan’s commitment to promote sport for all generations in the world toward the Tokyo 2020.
Zubaidullo Ubaidulloev, University of Tsukuba, Tajikistan

“Hessen Lebt Respekt!”
Heinz Zielinski, Germany

“Cross Cultures Project”
Finn Berggren, Cross Cultures Project Association, Denmark

17:30 – Free Evening
Sightseeing Options
Suggestions and recommendations on request

09:00 –12:00 Olympic Walking Day
Venue: Olympic Park
Including special performances and demonstrations:

  • Danish National Dance & Parkour Demonstration
  • Zurkhaneh Demonstration
  • Han-gung Contest
  • Kettlebell Championship
12:00 –13:00 Lunch
13:00 Return to Hotels
14:00 – 18:00 Free Afternoon
18:00 Departure from Hotels
19:30 –22:00 Closing Ceremony & Gala Dinner
Venue: Floating Island
Moderator: Moon SoriCongress conclusions from Rapporteur
Jacqueline Kronenburg

Celebration of “Mission 2030: For an Active World”

TAFISA President Speech

TestimoniesSigning “Mission 2030” Ceremony


Awarding Ceremony

Invitation Speech to TAFISA World Congress 2019, Japan

Gala Dinner & Performances

09:00 –11:00 TAFISA Board Meeting
All day Check-out and departure of delegates.

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