Call for Papers

Take the opportunity to be a speaker at the 25th TAFISA World Congress 2017, Seoul, Korea!


The deadline to submit abstracts is 31st August, 2017.

Interested parties are welcome to submit contributions in line with the
Congress’ theme and sub-themes (see below), either:

  • to present a poster at the Congress’ poster  session,
  • to give an oral presentation at one of the Congress’ parallel sessions.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Congress’ Scientific Committee, which will inform applicants of the results of the procedure in due time before the event.



  1. The applicants can submit abstracts either to make an oral presentation as part of a parallel session, in one of the six sub-themes, or a poster.
  1. All abstracts must be submitted electronically by deadline 31st August, 2017. You will find the submission form at the bottom of the page. Once completed please send the form to
  1. All abstracts must be written in English.
  1. To be considered for review, all abstracts must meet the size requirements of maximum 2.500 characters (without spaces) or less. Abstracts of more than 2.500 characters will not be accepted. For poster presentations the maximum size is 120 cm X 90 cm.
  1. Only fully completed submission forms will be accepted. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned to the author and must be resubmitted immediately in the correct format to be considered in the abstract review.
  1. There is no charge for submitting an abstract.
  1. The presenter of an accepted abstract must register and pay for the conference and be available to participate in the programme at the time scheduled.
  1. No remuneration or payment of expenses will be provided for abstract presenters.
  1. It is the responsibility of the author/presenter to inform the Organising Committee of any changes in email contact information. The Organising Committee cannot be held responsible for abstract submissions not received via the website or for submission errors caused by internet service outages, hardware or software delays, power outages or unforeseen events. An email confirmation of receipt will be provided at the time of submission. Email notification of an accepted submission will be sent to the author/presenter by 22nd September, 2017.
  1. Scientific Committee will review all abstracts and notify the applicants whether they abstract is accepted or refused. If an oral presentation is refused it still can be allowed to make a poster presentation.
  1. All abstracts will be collated into a (digital) book of abstracts and made available to participants at the conference and on the official website:
  1. Abstracts will be published exactly as they are submitted.



  • The Yin-Yang of Sports – Grassroots and Elite:
    how the seemingly contrary divisions of sport and physical activity are actually complementary and interdependent.
  • Building Strong and Good Governance:
    designing and implementing robust, transparent, effective and ethical processes in Sport for All.
  • Peace and Collaboration:
    Sports for All as a tool to create and nurture meaningful, peaceful and collaborative relationships between nations, organisations and individuals.
  • Making Sport for All “Sexy”:
    marketing Sport for All and physical activity to attract the right sponsors and supporters.
  • Next Generation = Active Generation:
    providing early positive experiences for kids to encourage physical activity as a way of life for their generation, and those to follow.
  • Building the Member Network:
    how to create and nurture meaningful relationships to expand member networks for organizations and individuals.