The world is facing a dire epidemic of physical inactivity, rendering today’s kids the first generation to have a life expectancy shorter than their parents’. As the leading global Sport for All and physical activity umbrella organization, TAFISA is tackling this challenge head-on, and aiming for an “Active World 2030”.

The 25th TAFISA World Congress will be a pivotal moment in the effort to overcome physical inactivity, as it will bring together representatives from over 100 countries in an interactive and open environment to discuss, debate and design the best path toward giving the next generation back those precious years of life.

In recognition of this, “Active World 2030 – Defining a New Horizon” will be the theme of 25th TAFIA World Congress. Along with opportunities to network, learn and share, the Congress will see the launch of TAFISA’s “Mission 2030: For an Active World”. This Mission will pave the way to influence people, policy and practice to reintroduce physical activity as part of our daily lives by 2030.

Welcome to Korea! And Welcome to Seoul!

Since the capital of Joseon in 1392, Seoul has a history of more than 600 years, and it preserves Korea‘s past, present and future. It is a world-class city with history flowing around the beautiful Han River. Seoul is known as a city of contrasts – from ancient palaces with centuries of history to high-tech skyscraper of steel and glass, from ancient texts dating back millennia to the highest rate of broadband Internet access in the world. Seoul is a place where the old and new exist in harmony! With one foot in the past and another in the future, Seoul is a city that never ceases to amaze.